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RxTx  &  RxO antennas in range of sizes for KU- and C- band

VSAT antennas provide connection for voice, video or data from anywhere in the world within sight of a satellite

Whether used for communications to a remote location, distributing information to many locations or to provide an alternative route for traffic, EdgeOpia can provide the equipment and services needed

All antennas come with proven excellent movement ability on three axis, can be used under difficult conditions, robust mechanical & control manufacturing

Range of options and configurations:

    **  Tracking System with Beacon receiver or DVB tuner card

    **  Motorised antennas are available with 19" rack based Monitoring and Control unit

    **  Lightning protection

    **  De-icing

    **  Pole- or NPRM mounts

    **  High wind antennas

We work with the best brands of antenna manufacturers such as CPI (formally GD Satcom, Prodelin) Skyware Global, Viking Satcom and selected reliable Chinese suppliers

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